FORTVISION Launches a New Feature to Enable a More Dynamic Use of its Platform
Posted by Raanan Eran on
This week we’ve launched a new capability for the FORTVISION platform that enables the integration of content within the content of any app or web page. We call this new feature “In-Content”, as it seamlessly blends with any content of choice. This means that all of the interactive formats available on the platform (i.e story, chat, video, polls, landing pages) can be integrated directly into pages, without the Foritco as a gateway.

Since the In-Content is a blank canvas that can be utilized freely to build beautiful, responsive and fast-loading HTML pages, it allows FORTVISION users to enrich any page with interactive content rapidly and at no additional cost.

The frame doesn’t take up a lot of space and features a “Read More” button. Once tapped or clicked on, more content is revealed upon the user request. As “Read More” is registered in our system as a Click, In-Content yields CTR and conversion rates significantly higher than the industry average.

In-Content can be used to display content and ads alike, therefore acting as another source of revenue based on CPM (video) and CPC. That being said, the feature doesn’t interfere with any existing ad-space (i.e Google). Once the FORTVISION platform has an ad to display, it will be showcased at the bottom of the page. The FORTVISION algorithm has also been altered to favor and optimize results for campaigns that combine Forticos and In-Content.

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