Easy Ways to Boost the Business of Your eCommerce Store with FORTVISION
Posted by Bar Zukerman on
With endless KPIs, from increasing conversion rates to combatting cart-abandonment, boosting the business of your eCommerce store is complex task. As consumers expect experiences to become more visual, intuitive and interactive, much like those available to them through social media, eCommerce store owners must find quick and easy solutions to keep excellent interactive content flowing their audience’s way.
Reduce Customer Service Calls
If you’re getting repeated calls to your customer service, your customers must be lacking specific information they need. Whether you don’t provide that information, or you do but your message isn’t getting across, something must be fixed. With FORTVISION’s chat template, you can easily convey easily digestible messages, whereas by featuring an information as a written paragraph, consumers are more likely to miss it. For instance, if you’ve updated your Return Policy, simply feature a chat correspondence between two customers in which one tells the other about the new policy.
Give the People What They Want
Another way of reducing customer center calls and giving people what they really want, is trying to understand customers’ hidden concerns. FORTVISION provides several content formats that allow a two way stream of communication between vendors and consumers, providing store-owners with valuable feedback. These formats include customizable quizzes, personality tests and polls, which you can use to drill down and uncover customer concerns that matter to you, leading to a more educated and strategic decision-making process.
Enhance Your Storytelling Capabilities
With Instagram and Snapchat dominating the way we communicate, consumers expect content that’s visually appealing and gratifies them instantly. FORTVISION has you covered with two formats that bring loved and familiar elements from social media to your online store. Whether you sell clothing or home goods, use the “Story” template to display photos and videos of influencers in your clothes or home goods placed in stylish homes. The “Swiper” format meets consumer demand for instant gratification as “Swipe Right” means “Like” and “Swipe Left” means “Don’t Like”. Use the format to provide consumers with a fun UX (...gathering powerful audience insights is a nice bonus too!).
Increase Your Registered Subscriber-Base
Let’s face it, pop-ups are simply annoying. So how come store-owners continue to use them as a means of increasing their amount of registered customers? FORTVISION provides a subtle yet eye-catching user-interface in the shape of a bubble that hovers over the screen. Once tapped or clicked on, the bubble expands into a window without redirecting users. Display FORTVISION’s customizable landing page within that window to feature an engaging video and a lead form, then, sit back and watch your amount of subscribers increase immediately!
Suggest products Based on Consumer Interests
With every interaction of users with FORTVISION content, and as they go through the different product pages of your store, powerful audience insights are gathered about their interests and shopping habits. Leverage these metrics with our “Marketplace” template to showcase consumers with products that fit their personal taste. The Marketplace will also be presented via FORTVISION’s unique user-interface designed with user experience in mind, aiming to empower consumers granting them full control of their exposure to content. Think of it as a dynamic, personalized marketplace that can hover over any page causing minimal interference. Let’s finish off with a lucrative bonus - by embedding FORTVISION into your website or app, you are essentially maximizing the digital real-estate of your eCommerce store. That space can also be utilize for hosting ads, opening up a whole new revenue stream for your business.
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