Global lingerie brand, Triumph, has approached FORTVISION with the request of boosting brand awareness and exposing women to its Spring-Summer 2018 collection. The focus was less on increasing sales, and more on informing as many women as possible of the brand.
The idea was to host the collection within sites and apps relevant to Triumph’s target audience - women aged 30-60.
The campaign targeted outlets in the sectors of entertainment, motherhood, food and beverage, online stores, fashion, business and more.
A cube featuring a rotation of six different images was featured upon pages within websites and apps. The images varied between the company logo and fashion models wearing its inventory. It was eye-catching yet still very subtle, seamlessly blending with the page. When ignored, the cube disappeared within a few seconds, but when tapped, it enlarged into a window consuming less than %80 of the screen, without redirecting the user away from the original site.
The window displayed Triumph’s new Spring-Summer 2018 lingerie collection (solely focusing on the products without offering a purchasing option). The idea was to maximize conversion rates by shortening the funnel from the moment of initial exposure to the brand to the moment consumers get a glance of the collection.
Simple creatives and non-intrusive tactics yielded impressive results for the campaign:
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