Drive Qualified Traffic for
More Revenue & Conversions

Convert more leads through powerful segmentation and ongoing optimization.


High-Converting Formats

Flexible Displays

One integration; tons of options.


Say anything to your visitors in a non-intrusive manner. You can quickly gather names by offering an incentive to click. For example, a clothing e-tailer’s call-to-action appeared for all new users on the homepage. It offered 25% off for people who clicked on the call-to-action. They were then directed to a beautiful landing page to capture leads.

Behavior-Intent Pop Ups

Create beautiful messages, forms, and interactive content that appears based on the visitor’s behavior, such as entry and exit-intent triggered messaging.

Landing Pages

Create a beautiful lead-gen campaign in seconds. Mix and match any of our awesome content formats as often as you want. Whether it is a new promotional campaign for the holidays or a style-finder quiz, there are tons of uses that attract, engage and retain users.


Embed your campaigns within the body of any page you want.


Keep users on your site by creating beautiful boxes that appear as a layer on top of the existing page they are already on. Paired with our Teasers, these offer more qualified leads since the person opts-in by clicking the teaser first.

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Create Message Triggers

Send the right message to the right person at the right time in their decision-making point.

Segment Better

Decide who sees what message.Segment campaigns based on user data, such as location and behavior: new or returning visitor, for example.


Add tracking pixels to your campaigns, so you can send targeted, personalized product recommendations on Google, Facebook, and more.

Design Freely

Have full control over how your content campaigns look. Our open-source editor lets you upload and move

Create Loyalty

Whether you create a quiz, poll, story, or product swiper, never miss an opportunity to turn a visitor into a a loyal shopper by gathering their emails for re-engagement.

Assist with AI Chatbots

Assist users at every stage of the sales funnel. Whether on the homepage.

FORTVISION allows you to improve customer experience by communicating highly relevant messages with real-time personalization, Improve marketing ROI with contextualized and engagement actionable data and Advertise yourself across top publishers to attract potential shoppers and customers.
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