FORTVISION Launches a New Feature to Enable a More Dynamic Use of its Platform
Posted by Raanan Eran on
This week we’ve launched a new capability for the FORTVISION platform that enables the integration of content within the content of any app or web page. We call this new feature “In-Content”, as it seamlessly blends with any content of choice. This means that all of the interactive formats available on the platform (i.e story, chat, video, polls, landing pages) can be integrated directly into pages, without the Foritco as a gateway.
Turn Your Website into the Ultimate Brand Engagement Platform
Posted by Amit Pelzig on
Brands of all sizes turn to social media platforms to boost brand engagement. However, on their quest to forming rational and emotional connections with consumers, advertisers may be neglecting their own digital assets. Social platforms offer a holistic solution to brands’ consumer engagement needs as they are naturally driven by interactions between users. On the other hand, brand or publisher sites don’t provide consumers with that two-way stream of communication.
Easy Ways to Boost the Business of Your eCommerce Store with FORTVISION
Posted by Bar Zukerman on
With endless KPIs, from increasing conversion rates to combatting cart-abandonment, boosting the business of your eCommerce store is complex task. As consumers expect experiences to become more visual, intuitive and interactive, much like those available to them through social media, eCommerce store owners must find quick and easy solutions to keep excellent interactive content flowing their audience’s way.
Don’t Neglect Your Digital Asset by Putting All Your Eggs in the Facebook Basket
Posted by Raanan Eran on
Most of our day consists of decision making. From the moment we wake up, to choosing our outfit of the day and coffee at Starbucks, to the road we’ll take to work. We constantly make decisions. In our professional life, our considerations revolve around: which campaigns to send, which creative is better, what offering will produce the highest ROI, and many others that impact the revenue and the success of our company.
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