A complete personalization solution

FORTVISION is the easiest way to deliver your customers personalized experiences, wherever they are - within your site and outside.


High-Converting Formats

Product Recommendations

Use behavioral data and prediction models to show the most relevant products to every shopper, every time. FORTVISION analyzes shoppers’ online and offline activity using machine learning algorithms to understand what each shopper truly wants. With almost unlimited customization options and an interface built for action, it is easy to deploy and adjust personalized product recommendations across every part of the shopping journey.

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Pricing Optimization

Determining the right price for your product is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks when you are launching a new product or service. Pricing for physical goods is simple but for digital goods with no cost of production, it is not that simple, unless you test your pricing with multiple margins.

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Enterprise-Grade AI powered chatbots designed to deliver better results. Automate your customer service with Chatbot and never miss a chance to sell or help your customers. Build your own chatbots from a scratch with no technical skills.


Interactive Formats

Use our unique engagement toolkit to give your readers a voice, keep them entertained, grow your community, and learn more about what they think about a topic or your brand. Build any "Instagram Stories" or "Swiping cards Tinder" and use them on your site.

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Personalized Emails

Send timely emails to shoppers after they have taken a specific action or personalize emails using customer data. FORTVISION allows you to send welcome emails when a shopper makes an account, thank you emails with a discount after shoppers make a purchase, or reminder emails when they abandon their cart using behavioral triggers. Plus, use your onsite data to make the emails even more relevant with personalized product recommendations sent through whichever email provider you use.

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Personalized Landing page

Get more leads, sales, and customers with landing pages built just how you want in FORTVISION's drag-and-drop builder. Create custom landing pages with no coding required. Get the highest-converting campaigns possible with FORVISION our latest AI feature and machine learning models that will choose the right design to the right audience.


Smart Advertisement Banners

Create high quality marketing visuals using our ad maker. Design banner ads for Google online campaigns, flyers, and posters for print or even video ads. With FORTVISION you can create personalized designs with dynamic messaging or products based on predictive models and users’ online activities.


Knowledge library

Let knowledge guide your customers, agents, and entire company. Use self-service offer customers instant access to the right answers and place relevant articles exactly where users need them. Interact with customers anywhere they need you with an unlimited number of help widgets that include any combination of channels

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Mobile App Personalization

Use cross-channel behavioral and transactional data to personalize your in-app experience. Convincing shoppers to download and engage with a mobile app is difficult enough. By using cross-channel data to personalize the content, message, and product recommendations in-app, retailers can create mobile experiences that not only convince shoppers to download and engage with their apps but also drive purchases.

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Flexible Displays

One integration; tons of options

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digital experience
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