Reach your audience and outperform the ordinary. Effectively connect engaged consumers with valuable brands and publishers on all small screens.

A highly visible, widespread user engagement & targeting platform that offers any content, anywhere.
New format which brings an additional layer on top of the page. Easy to move with a thumb. Unfold into the 80% window with one click. Can be easily dismiss.

No code required!
Our clients: content and eCommerce sites, game developers - some of whom are among the most prominent websites worldwide, utilize our platform to enhance their online presence, interact with their visitors by using highly dynamic and engaging experience for audiences.


Designed with mobile experience in mind characterized by literally a second to capture a consumer's attention. FORTVISION platform adds a new content space in form of a small bubble or video pane with exceptionally high conversion rates. FORTVISION’s widget is appearing and then almost entirely disappearing when not engaged, with great user experience and attract users who are actually interested in clicking to learn more.

Recommend promoted content, landing page and videos


YouTube alike UI, Complete flexibility over your site as we offers you an easy-to-use self-service platform, so you can manage your ad operations whenever and however you want to maximize revenue through out-stream video ad units for mobile.

Auto-play video on every device, Various ad formats


Interactive content platform that provides publishers and brands with the tools to create dynamic, engaging experiences for audiences. Leverage the platform to deepen reader engagement and generate data-driven insights while providing advertisers with enriched messaging opportunities.

Create, upload and share their own post, video, poll, trivia, live streaming video and many more...


eCommerce platform that reach customers outside its natural properties. FortBuy allows any retailer and seller to upload their products, track orders and inventory, boost their sales and reach millions of users in different locations across the web.

FORTVISION is helping consumers worldwide discover relevant products and make better shopping decisions. We remove the guesswork out of performance and product optimization by adopting data analysis and predictive analytics technologies.

It’s very easy to be different


New way of users’ interaction with mobile devices. Add new feature without changing design or script of the app.


You install the platform script once. It is white labeled. You can change design and appearance settings on our user-friendly administration platform.


Our customers are surprised with the platform’s metrics that are a lot more interesting than traditional mobile ads.


It is less costly and less time consuming to add new functions while using floating buttons.


Floating button is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web and Mobile Web.


You can collect usage data and set up different targets and parameters.

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Case Studies

Publisher Case Study
December 2016 - February 2017
45% Increase in average session duration, 23% Increase in page-view per session.
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Januar 2017
Using Personality Quiz, the brand increased user engagement, time spent and articles read.
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Video Campaign
October 2016
7.2% CTR, 2.7% clicked to read more details and more than 83% finished to watch the movie completely.
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