Our mission is to make all digital customer experiences relevant.

Use behavioral data and prediction models to show the most relevant products to every shopper, every time. FORTVISION analyzes shoppers’ online and offline activity using machine learning algorithms to understand what each shopper truly wants. With almost unlimited customization options and an interface built for action, it is easy to deploy and adjust personalized product recommendations across every part of the shopping journey.

We are

  • A global team of data scientists, developers, product designsers and business leaders who are driven to define a brand new category combining the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your online presence with data science.
  • Dedicated to developing the best product that empowers our customers to deliver the best results to their organization.
  • Committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspace where we work hard and play hard (no matter how cliché that sounds).

The team

Raanan Eran
Founder and CEO

Prior to founding FORTVISION in 2015, Raanan managed BI departments at several tech companies. Raanan served as Head of an R&D team in 8200 unit of the IDF’s Intelligent Corp. He also holds an M.Sc. In Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion.

Asaf Elmoznino
VP Sales

With vast experience in the online advertising industry, Asaf has led a team of Sales and Media managers in tier-one publishers and gaming companies. He has excellent interpersonal relations and is well connected within the advertising industry. Asaf is also tech savvy and a creative thinker.

Ori Perez
VP Product

Bachelor with Honors of Visual Communications Design (B.Des). Designer, Artist, and in love with design in all its forms. With over 15 years of multidisciplinary design experience, currently focused on complex enterprise-grade products UI/UX core design.

Yauhen Sakovich
R&D Team Leader

Specialties include building things fast, delivering software from concept to production, and Managing R&D teams. Yahuen has a strong understanding of business needs and gaps in design and implementation, Web, server, client, and databases.

Anna Ostrovskaya
UI/UX Designer Team Leader

Olga leads a team of 5 designers who are in charge of creating FORTVISION' amazing design, user experience and eye-catching promotional related content. As the company's authority on all things design, Olga is also the mastermind behind the company's branding.

Olga Lapko
Senior Product Designer

Olga has over 5 years of experience in senior Product Management and R&D management positions within the tech sector. Olga joined FORTVISION bringing a wealth of technological knowledge and a deep understanding of the market.

Roman Svidunovich
Senior Full Stack Developer

Mikita Kalashnikau
Senior Full Stack Developer

Maksim Kazachenka
Senior Full Stack Developer

Ihnatsi Sparnou
Senior Back-End Developer

George Puisha
Senior Front-End Developer

Dzmitry Hrachou
Senior Front-End Developer

Alaksandr Tselikau
Senior Back-End Developer

Ilona Harhasevich
UI/UX Designer

Natallia Lisouskaya
UI/UX Designer

Eran Wertman
Customer Success Team Leader

Eran Ziman
Customer Success

Zvika Levi
Operation & Finance Manager

Shelly Cox
Sales Manager

Brian Gale
Sales Manager

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